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Fan Box Office {SRK*} Collection Prediction - 1st 2nd 3rd Day Worldwide

Fan Movie 1st Day Box Office Predictions, Collections, Income report, Earnings 2016 : Fan movie is getting released on April 15, 2016 and the expectations on the movie are quite high. Fan(2016) movie stars Shahrukh Khan and Waluscha D'souza in lead roles. Though the movie is not a hero-heroine oriented movie, Waluscha D'souza stars as a supporting actress beside Shahrukh Khan. King Khan (or) Shahrukh Khan is playing 2 roles in the film.

Fan Box Office Collection

fan box office collection
fan box office collection
The movie is very hyped and is one of the most anticipated movies of 2016. Not only in India, but many fans and normal audience are waiting for this movie. As the movie is of very popularity, the box-office is going to get blasted with new records. Read below for Fan Movie Box Office Predictions, Fan movie collection, SRK Fan movie Income Report, Shahrukh Khan's Fan movie collections, Reports from the Industry about SRK's Fan movie 2016 Box Office Predictions below.

Fan Movie Total Box Office Prediction, Collections, Overseas & Worldwide Collections :

Fan Movie is being released on April 15, 2016 in many centers in India and other countries. With many number of screens, Fan movie is expected to collect around 150-180 Crores in the first weekend.

Fan Box Office Predictions :

The Box Office Predictions for Fan movie can be very huge depending on the number of theaters. The fans of Shah Rukh khan are going mad after watching the trailers and teasers and are waiting for the movie to hit the screens eagerly. Going by the hype, fan movie would easily cross the mark of collecting 500+ Crores and earn more than that.

Fan Opening day, 1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day Box Office Collection Prediction :

fan box office collection
fan box office collection
Expected Collections, predicted collection for Fan movie (2016) :
  1. Fan 1st Day Collection : 50-60 Crores
  2. Fan 2nd Day Collection : 50 Crores
  3. Fan Total Weekend Collection : 100-140 Crores (Expected)

Fan Box Office Collection : 

The Box Office Collection of Fan movie are very high. As the movie stars Shahrukh Khan and is directed by Maneesh Sharma and trailers of the movie state that the story of the movie is very interesting and is indeed a dark movie.

The movie is a thriller about a Fan that adores and worships Shahrukh khan and slowly gets obsessed with meeting him. But when the chance occurs, he messes up and get's a bad impression in the eyes of Shahrukh Khan as the fan did something uncool. Later, Shahrukh faces a threat from the obsessive fan who clearly isn't happy from the hospitality he received from Shahrukh in his first meeting.

Fan Overseas and Worldwide Collection :

fan box office collection
fan box office collection
Fan movie is releasing in Countries like USA, Germany, UK and many other foreign countries.
Though the trailers are well edited and doesn't let us support one character, it is hard to know is the Fan is the real villain in the movie (or) the celebrity. The movie can actually be brilliant if the movie does not go in favor of Hero and Villain but be a film that explores Characters and the deeds they do.

As the story of the movie is very interesting, all the fans are eagerly waiting for the movie to premiere in the Theaters. The Box office collections will be updated on April 15, 2016.

Fan Movie Collections :

The movie does not have any major competition on that day rather than from films "The Jungle Book" and without any competition, the movie is a sure shot winner. 

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